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I am from Namibia, but I am currently based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. My educational background consists of a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Film & Television studies from the University of Cape Town, and a Master of Arts in Media and Creative Industries from Erasmus University Rotterdam. I have also completed qualifications in Digital Marketing, and Full-Stack web Development.

My professional experience includes freelance and in-house marketing, with a specialisation in copywriting. Most recently, my work experience involves education, as I am currently working as a Junior Lecturer of Communication and Media at Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam. The combination of working in education and working in industry has given me valuable insights into the theoretical foundation of communication, as well as the practical application thereof in the marketing and corporate communication fields.

2021-2022 Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
  • MA Media in Creative Industries
2018 University of Cape Town
  • BA Honours (in the First Class) specialising in Film & Television Studies
2015-2017 University of Cape Town
  • BA (with Distinction) majoring in French Language & Literature, Chinese Studies, and Film Studies
2019 HyperionDev
  • Full-Stack Web Development
2019 University of Cape Town via 2U/GetSmarter
  • Digital Marketing
September 2022 / Present – Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam – Junior Lecturer
  • This role involves teaching courses in the International Bachelor of Communication and Media (IBCoM) at Erasmus School of History, Culture & Communication (ESHCC) department of Media & Communication.
  • Courses include interdisciplinary subjects in humanities and social sciences fields of media and communication studies.
  • This role requires precise time-management and organisation, balancing a busy teaching schedule while meeting packed grading deadlines.
May 2021 / Present – Freelance Copywriter
  • I work on a creative retainer for Ogilvy Namibia, as a copywriter, copy editor and creative concept developer.
  • I have completed copywriting and copyediting work for several Namibian-based advertising/marketing agencies including Blok Media, Turipamwe, and Mint Marketing Solutions.
  • As a freelance copywriter, I am involved in research and strategy to develop the most effective content based on the brief.
July 2019 / August 2022 – Prosperity Group of Companies – Copywriter, Marketing & Brand Administrator
  • This role involved numerous tasks such as creative content for social media, website and print advertising, implementing SEO strategies, Google campaigns, and managing social media accounts
  • As a brand administrator, I was tasked with the administration and organisation of marketing events for all the company’s subsidiaries.
  • For in-house and corporate communication, I was tasked with drafting formal letters and emails that often needed to be compliant with legal and regulatory frameworks for the finance/insurance sectors. This also involved proofreading and editing documents.

Copywriter with a penchant for pretty and practical words

Versatile writing and concept creation ranging from marketing content, online and offline, to corporate communication.

  • (Copy)Writer
  • Creative Strategist
  • Concept Developer
Creative Strategizing
Concept Development


My skills repertoire is made up of a combination of hard skills developed through education and qualifications, and essential soft skills acquired through experience and growth.

This combination results in the perfect symphony of efficient process and precise output.

Brief-by-brief copy and creative retainer copy and concept development for agencies.
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In-house marketing and corporate communication content in the financial and insurance sectors.
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Courses in media and communication studies within humanities and the social sciences.
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