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Ihave been working as a freelance copywriter for Ogilvy Namibia since July 2021. Through Ogilvy, I have completed jobs for a large number of clients, ranging from the IT sector to governmental organisations in the mining and roads infrastructure sectors.

Thank you for making my work so much more enjoyable by sharing quality work. Truly appreciate it!

Daisy, Social Media Manager, Ogilvy

Main Clients

Paratus Namibia

Paratus Namibia is an Internet Services Provider. Through Ogilvy Namibia, I am on creative retainer for Paratus, providing social media copy on a monthly brief-by-brief basis.

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CRAN is the Communications Regulatory Authority Namibia. I have done B2B and B2C copy for newspaper strip adverts, radio adverts, and press releases.

Roads Authority

Roads Authority is the Namibian governmental organisation, responsible for the construction and maintenance of the Namibian roads infrastructure. I have been involved in proofreading and editing the Roads Authority annual report.

Agency Work
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